My name is Mila, I am Russian and I came to the UK in 2018. Many years of my life I spent on studying languages, such as English, Chinese and Turkish, for many years I had an office job related to my linguistic education, but eventually I felt a lack of creativity and freedom, so I started to look for something else, that would make me happy. I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring new beautiful places, and scrolling Instagram, so photography was the perfect new job I could dream about. Now I can say it's the most exciting thing I've ever done in my life. After finishing photography education and getting a good camera, I tried different types of photography, but only one of them really won my heart - Lifestyle photography. What is it? Walking around London, sightseeing, playing with kids, drinking tea in the nice London cafe or enjoying the views in incredible London parks. I never go for common photos, but becoming friends with each of my clients, I let them feel relaxed and show me their sincere emotions. I love London, english architecture and history, and I will be happy not only to take pictures, but also show you hidden beautiful places and share my knowledge about them.

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